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SmartSwitch – Making a Difference!

BREAKING NEWS – The Ministry of Local Government in Botswana has been awarded a prize in the prestigious UNITED NATIONS PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD competition. SmartSwitch played a pivotal role in this achievement by providing the Electronic Food Coupon System to the Ministry after winning a tender in 2008.

The success of this project has been recognized on the world stage by none other than the United Nations! What a great achievement for Botswana!

SmartSwitch would like to take this opportunity to thank the Botswana Government, the Ministry of Local Government, the Department of Social Services, all Council Officers involved in the project, each of the more than one thousand one hundred merchants and shop owners taking part on the project as well as all the staff at SmartSwitch for a job well done – a great team effort and a shining example of what can be done when technology is properly harnessed for a good cause.

Click here to see a short video of our achievement


Welcome to SmartSwitch Botswana. We hope that this site visit proves informative and provides you with a peek into the passion that drives the entire SmartSwitch team. SmartSwitch Botswana is an accredited payments service provider in Botswana. We provide technology which utilizes a financial “switch”, smart cards and a network of point of sale devices at merchants to take financial services and banking to the people of Botswana.

We offer our service and payment platform to banks to enable them to take banking to all areas in Botswana – something which has proved challenging to the banks in the past.

The system is revolutionary in that it does not rely on traditional brick and mortar banking as banking is done at retail merchants at the point of sale device.

Whether it is a fully fledged off-line banking solution, wage payment solution, money transfer or cash advance solution you are looking for, we can deliver.

With a merchant network in excess of 1050 locations spread throughout Botswana we have created a network with real penetration into the Botswana market.

If you are looking to reach the people where they are, then our offering must interest you – the network is available as a payment point, collection point, prepaid agency location, mobile money network – you name it, we can reach the population where they live. In a country with the demographics of Botswana that is no mean achievement.

Enter the SmartSwitch technology.

Enter the SmartSwitch vision.

Enter the new era in Botswana